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Best Keyword Rank Tracker for 2013!

Update: After starting this blog, I quickly got discouraged with all the work I had on my plate and couldn’t find the time to come post here. Now that things have settled down and I have more free time, I plan on updating this blog much more often, so please subscribe and check in for […]

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Google Adsense Accounts Banned Because Micro Niche Sites

One of the big things that is in right now is making micro niche sites. There are many different popular bloggers who give guides and talk about how they make $1,000’s making these micro niche sites. These sites are very easy to create and one person could easily make dozens of these sites every month. […]

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Affiliate Earnings 1 Year

My First Affiliate Site 1 Year Income

It has now been a little over a year since I first started earning from my first affiliate website that I ever created. It definitely feels like it has been much longer and I feel like I have learned so much in the past year. Not only have I learned a lot, but I also […]

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Intro to Creating Micro Niche Sites

Micro Niche Sites are a great way to start making money as an Internet Marketer and is currently my main focus. A Micro Niche Site(MNS) is a site in which has very little content and has a small amount of monthly search engine traffic that also has very low SEO competition and is easy to […]

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Amazon Affiliate Program

How to Choose An Affiliate Program

Finding the Right Affiliate Program For You There are many different types of affiliate programs out there, but you want to pick one that is right for you and your site so that your site has the best possible income and so that your site isn’t wasted efforts. Finding an affiliate program that suits your […]

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How to Pick A Domain Name for SEO

Making a New Website? If you are a looking to start a website, you should always put some thought into your domain name. Your domain name is what is going to help you in search engines, grab peoples attention and also may be what is keeping your visitors coming back to your website. Picking a […]

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Wordpress Sidebar HTML

Customizing your Sidebars/Widgets in WordPress

WordPress Sidebar If you use wordpress for your website or blog, then you probably know how easy the sidebar/widget area is to customize. It is very important to make your sidebar look professional and also not look like spam because this is where you are most likely going to link to your affiliate products or […]

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All In One SEO Pack – Best WordPress SEO Plugin!

WordPress SEO WordPress has become an extremely popular blogging platform and is very easy to set up new sites with. People are not only using for their blogging sites, but they are also using it to set up their regular sites and customizing the blog to look as a regular website. WordPress is a great […]

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New Affiliate Marketing ebook!

One of the best ways to make an income from home on the internet is to be an internet salesman aka Affiliate Marketer. The great thing about being an affiliate marketer is that you are your own boss and that you get to work from home! Not only this, but the possibilities of income are […]

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