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Customizing your Sidebars/Widgets in WordPress

WordPress SidebarHow to Customize WordPress Sidebar

If you use wordpress for your website or blog, then you probably know how easy the sidebar/widget area is to customize. It is very important to make your sidebar look professional and also not look like spam because this is where you are most likely going to link to your affiliate products or link to other important things, so you want it to look nice so people are interested.

Widgets that come with WordPress

As soon as wordpress is installed on your domain name and you log in, you will see there are many different widgets already there ready for you to use. These widgets are great for new comers to wordpress, but to make your sidebars look more professional you are going to have to get deeper than that. By using the “Text” Widget, you can insert any HTML or text that you like and customize this area to your liking. Use can put in links to your affiliate products or have an Email sign-up, whatever you think necessary for your website.

HTML in sidebars

If you are new to making websites and making money online then you probably don’t know much about HTML but there is nothing to worry about, basic HTML is simple to learn and will give you a better understanding to how websites work. The sidebars is the number one place where I use HTML currently.

To insert an image into your sidebar simply use the following code:  <img src=”image url goes here!“>

Simply put the URL of the image you want to use where I put image url goes here, but remember to leave the quotes!

To insert an image that links somewhere simply use the following code: <a href=”link URL goes here!“><img src=”image url goes here!“></a>

There are endless things you can do with HTML, but it is important to understand the basics. To learn more about HTML, you can do a google search of “Learn HTML” and you will get endless amounts of info. HTML can get crazy though, so remember to stick to the basics at first!

Wordpress Sidebar HTML

Watch this video on customizing your WordPress Sidebars


Useful things to put in your sidebars

Facebook “Like” in Sidebar

Another popular thing I see on blogs and websites is the Facebook “Like” Box for their fan page on facebook. I highly recommend making your own facebook fan page and using the facebook “like” box in your sidebar. This helps you get more “Likes” on facebook and helps you keep in touch with your fans directly on facebook. People love facebook and many people check it multiple times a day. You can easily post a link to your new posts and instantly get loads of direct traffic.

Getting someone to come to your website is great, but if you can keep them coming back then your traffic will sky rocket and you will notice a much larger success rate for your blog or website.


Email Opt-In Wordpress Email Opt In

Getting your visitors to subscribe to you through email is also very important for keeping your traffic engaged and to keep them coming back to your website. I use Aweber email form and I highly recommend you do too. This allows you to put an email sign-up in your sidebar and you can easily customize it to give it a professional look.

Remember that people aren’t just going to sign-up for your email form, you need to give them a reason! A great way to get people to sign-up for your email subscription is to offer a free ebook on something related to your website or offer them something else such as free tips on something related to your niche. This will give them a reason to sign-up for your emails and then you can keep in contact with them and keep them coming back to your website.


Importance of Sidebars

Remember that your sidebars is where you are going to put the important stuff such as affiliate links, email subscription, facebook box and many other things, so making look professional is very important. By making your sidebar look professional you will give your sidebar items a much higher click through rate and this will in turn increase your facebook fans, email list and make you more money!

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