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Google Adsense Accounts Banned Because Micro Niche Sites

One of the big things that is in right now is making micro niche sites. There are many different popular bloggers who give guides and talk about how they make $1,000’s making these micro niche sites. These sites are very easy to create and one person could easily make dozens of these sites every month. What these micro niche sites do is target keywords that receive a decent amount of traffic and then they get ranked for these keywords in google’s search engine and place adsense on these sites and receive revenue for every click the ads get.

Recently a lot of these people who create these micro niche sites have been getting their adsense accounts banned for unspecified reasons. Not only have these people been getting banned for life from adsense, but they also are told that they will not receive their check from the month before. I can’t even imagine if adsense were my main source of income and one day it just completely disappeared! Even though some people are getting banned from adsense, that doesn’t mean it’s game over, the sites are still running and receiving traffic but they just aren’t monetized. The only option left for the people who have had their adsense accounts banned, is to find a different method of monetizing their site and making money from it. Who knows, this may even open the eyes to affiliate marketing for many people who strictly stick to adsense.

My google adsense account has not been banned(yet), but if it were, I would merely look for affilaite programs or another ppc program to display ads on my sites. Google adsense isn’t the only program out there that pays you for ad clicks. Below I will list some alternative methods of monetizing your websites for those who have had their adsense accounts recently banned.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The amazon affiliate program is very popular amongst affiliate marketers. They pay you a commission for each sale you bring them and your commission % goes up the more products you sell. Not only do they pay you for the sale of the product you send them, but they also give you commission for everything else they buy also. It’s amazing what kind of things you will get a commission on :)

Media.net Contextual Advertising

Although I haven’t tried this method myself, I believe it is similar to google adsense, in which you get paid for each click of their advertisements.

Other Affiliate Programs or PPC Programs

There any so many affiliate programs out there, but you have to seek them out for yourself. Some ways to do this are to look through affiliate directories or to search for your keyword in google and see if any of the top sites offer an affiliate program. There are also other PPC programs out there that I’m sure people make a killing from.

Finding Private Advertisers

If you look around at other sites in your websites niche, you may find someone willing to pay you to display ads on your website. This may be a much better way to make money for some of your websites.


Possible Reasons For Google Adsense Bans

Since google doesn’t specify why they banned the people they have, then it just leaves the rest guessing. It is always good to take extra safety precautions. View your site as if you were a real visitor, would you be happy with what you are looking at or find yourself quickly pressing the back button? Google tries their best to eliminate slim, spam looking, useless sites and if you do just one thing that crosses their line, then you may be looking at a permanent google adsense ban.

Could Adsense Accounts Bans Be Related to Using Blog Networks?

One thing that I noticed from all the users who have been getting banned is that they use blog networks to build links for SEO to their websites. This has been a great method of building links and getting to the top rank of your keyword for micro niche sites, but recently google has cracked down on blog networks and they have been de-indexing all sites that are in these blog networks. Maybe, google is not only taking these blog networks out of their search engines, but also looking into the sites that they link to and finding that many of them lead to micro niche sites using adsense. This is just a theory of mine, so don’t take my word for it.

How to stay safe from the google ban?

I believe SEO is headed in a new direction and we are all going to have to adapt to the new changes if we want to keep making money as Internet Marketers. Read my article: My 2012 SEO Strategy, to learn my safe approach to SEO and getting my sites ranked.

Remember to never spin your content to where it is unreadable or doesn’t make sense or even has bad grammar. If you are going to spin your content, you need to do it in a way that it comes out clean and not look like spam or most likely it will quickly be removed from the internet or you could get your website removed from google’s search engine. I recently purchased a program called Article Builder, that makes completely unique content that is completely understandable. Google knows when content is spam or is spun, so its best the use Article Builder or write your own articles now. Using Senuke and Article Building in combination is awesome and not with article builder, all the content is completely unique so I get a much higher success rate :)



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  1. So true, adsense has been scary as of lately. I’ve seen many reports of peoples accounts getting terminated.

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