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How to Choose An Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program ListFinding the Right Affiliate Program For You

There are many different types of affiliate programs out there, but you want to pick one that is right for you and your site so that your site has the best possible income and so that your site isn’t wasted efforts. Finding an affiliate program that suits your site best can be difficult depending on what niche you are in. There are many ways to find the best affiliate program for your niche that we will talk about below.


Different ways to find affiliate programs


1. Search google for your niche topic

I find that when trying to find an affiliate program, the easiest way is to simply do a google search for your niche topic, so if my site was about golf shoes, then I would search “golf shoes” on google and then look through the sites listed for an affiliate program. You might find a site that sells all kinds of golf gear and that offers an affiliate program. You shouldn’t go with the first affiliate program that you find, always look for other options, because chances are there will be a better program out there that will make you more money. Make a list of all the benefits of the different affiliate programs that you find and come back to it when you have finished and decide from there which affiliate program would best fit your site.


2. Affiliate Program Index

There are many different sites that offer many different affiliate programs. If you are looking for a new affiliate program to market, then you should search these indexes for something that you may like to make a site for.


Amazon Affiliate Program3. Amazon Affiliate Program

If all else fails and you can’t find a affiliate program that would do good on your site, then check amazon for related products for your site. If you have a website on golf shoes, then make a search on amazon for golf shoes and see what comes up. You can easily market anything from amazon and you get a decent commission for every sale you make. Amazon is also great because you not only get a comission for the item they found on your site, but also everything else they buy along with it. Amazon is good at getting people shopping and you will find that you will be getting commissions for things that are completely unrelated to any of your websites :)


4. Clickbank Affiliate Program

I don’t have much experience with clickbank, but I have heard of people making a lot of money being an affiliate for one of their products. Clickbank products tend to have a much larger commission %, because most of their products are either an ebook or something similar that you can just download. I have promoted products with payouts as high as 75%, which is great if you can get sales. Products on clickbank can sometimes be a rip off, so make sure you are promoting something that is trusted and that you would also be happy with purchasing.



Can’t find a product that you want to be an affiliate for?

There are many topics out there that you won’t be able to find a related product for that you can be an affiliate for. When this happens, you can look into some other options to make money from yourniche still.

Google Adsense

When I can’t find a product to be an affiliate for, I usually will display google adsense ads on my site. How google adsense works is you display google ads on your site and whenever someone clicks on one of these ads you get money in your account instantly, rather than getting paid only when something is purchased. Google adsense may be better than displaying affiliate programs in some cases of low commissions for items.


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