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How to Pick A Domain Name for SEO

Making a New Website?

If you are a looking to start a website, you should always put some thought into your domain name. Your domain name is what is going to help you in search engines, grab peoples attention and also may be what is keeping your visitors coming back to your website. Picking a Domain Name doesn’t have to be difficult and is actually very simple. I do about 5-10 minutes of research before purchasing my domain name.

What type of site are your starting?

The first thing you need to determine before picking a domain name is what type of website you are creating. Depending on what type of website you are starting is how you should decide on what domain name you want for your website.

Small Website

A small website is one with very little content and only a few articles in the website. These kind of website are going to be harder to get ranked in google’s search engine because there isn’t much content in the website. If you are creating a small website that you plan on only putting a couple hours into, then you should definitely put your keyword in your domain name.

Putting your keyword in your domain name helps your site get ranked in that keyword much easier. Small websites are very unlikely to get ranked for high traffic keywords, so the keyword should also be a long tail keyword.


I want to start a website on golden retriever breeders. I only plan on putting a couple of articles in this website with some affiliate links and adsense ads. So my domain name would some how consist of the words “Golden Retriever Breeders”. Some example domain names I would search for are:


If you can’t find a domain name with the .com, then I would also suggest looking for .org or .net. These also rank well in google.

As you can see there are endless possibilities for a domain name and still have your keyword in your domain. By putting your keyword in your domain name you will greatly increase the chances of getting ranked in that keyword and then receive traffic for doing so. This is highly recommended for Small Websites.


Authority Websites

If you are creating a website that you plan on keeping updated and that you will post loads of content in, then your domain name should be something more catchy and something that people will remember, but may also contain your keyword in.

If you are planning on putting a keyword in the title of your authority site, then you should first do some research to find what keyword would be best to use. I use Market Samurai to determine which keyword is best for my websites. When creating an authority website, I will generally pick a keyword that is harder to get ranked in and that has much higher search volume because websites that are updated and have lots of content will have a much higher chance of getting ranked in more difficult keywords.


I want to start a website on Golden Retrievers and I plan on making new posts every day and updating my website frequently. I want to choose something catchy for my domain name, but also have my main keyword in the domain name. Some example websites that I would consider looking for are:


Looking at these domain names you will see the words “Golden Retriever” somewhere in each domain. This would be a very difficult keyword to rank in, but if you are in this for the long haul then it will be much worth it in a year when you start getting ranked well in the google search: “Golden Retriever”. You will also notice the words Universe and world in 2 of the domains I listed. This is something that is catchy and gives the site something that people will remember it by.

By making an Authority site, you can also rank in smaller keywords such as “Golden Retriever Breeders” by making posts about this in your website or having a section for it, instead of making a small website only focused on Golden Retriever Breeders.Authority sites have much higher potential for making money and having an audience, but you will need to stick to it and keep it updated and keep making new posts for your readers. If you are passionate about a niche then I would go all out and make an authority site for it.

Remember that authority sites take time to build and you won’t see an audience right away. Using Email sign-up forms, facebook, twitter, SEO and other tactics, you will start getting more and more traffic. Stick to it and you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

How to Pick A Domain Name for SEO Video!


Importance of SEO

Getting ranked in Google’s search engine is the easiest way to get traffic to your websites and the best part about it is that it is FREE targeted traffic! People pay $100’s a day just to have their advertisement on google, so why not do some SEO and get this traffic for free!? Without SEO, you would have to seek out traffic for your websites by hand or have to pay $100’s a day out of pocket. SEO is very important if you want traffic on your websites, especially if you are making small websites like we talked about earlier!

Tools I use to pick a domain name:

Godaddy – I use godaddy to purchase all my domain names and so should you!

Market Samurai – This is a great research tool for picking your domain name. It goes over everything from SEO, keyword research, domain name suggestions and will even help you find the best keyword for your niche.

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