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My First Affiliate Site 1 Year Income

It has now been a little over a year since I first started earning from my first affiliate website that I ever created. It definitely feels like it has been much longer and I feel like I have learned so much in the past year. Not only have I learned a lot, but I also now have a steady income from affiliate marketing, which I am very happy about.

When I first started working on affiliate websites, I thought I would never start earning decent money and it felt like it was taking forever and I had no direction of how to increase my earning or what I should be working on next, but it has been a year since my first earning month with my first affiliate website and I have to say I am very pleased with the results and I am earning much more than I thought I ever could from just 1 affiliate website.

The income started coming in very slowly and my website was taking forever to get ranked better and get more traffic. My income was exactly $29.00 for the entire month of April 2011 and only had 300 unique visitors. My total income for March 2012 was $1069.00 with 3546 unique visitors. For a while I never though my income would get past $300 a month for this affiliate website, but I am glad to say that I was wrong. :)

To give you guys a better idea of how my earnings increased over the year, I have uploaded an image below.

Affiliate Earnings 1 Year

Earnings Summary

This is my first ever affiliate site, so in the beginning I wasn’t very effective at getting more traffic to my sites, but as time passed I found new ways to increase my income and traffic. In the beginning most of my traffic came from random keywords I was ranked for in google, but it wasn’t much traffic. After I started using SeNuke and Market Samurai, my earnings significantly started going up by at least $100 per month. In November I noticed I was getting more traffic, but my earnings were starting to level out, so I decided to try some new things that could significantly increase my earnings. The next month my earnings had nearly doubled in earnings and had more than doubled in traffic!

Overall I feel that my first year for this affiliate website went really well and I think the earnings will only keep increasing from here on. My total income for the entire year was $5488.20, but most of that is from the past 3 months.

How I Increased My Earnings

When working on this affiliate website, I quickly noticed how much traffic to my site increased when I used the SEO program Senuke to get me ranked in high traffic keywords in google. I first started using Senuke in July and it nearly doubled my traffic right away. At first I didn’t really understand the program and didn’t use it much, which was a big mistake. After learning more about the program, I began to use it weekly, rather than once every one or two weeks. Not only did I start using Senuke more, but I also decided to invest in getting a more professional looking theme for my website, which I purchased at WooThemes.

After doing more SEO on my affiliate website and purchasing a new theme from WooThemes, my traffic more than doubled the next month and my income nearly doubled from $300 to $600! I noticed I was starting to rank better in higher traffic keywords for my niche and my bounce rate for the website dropped significantly because of the new theme I was using.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your affiliate report. This is an amazon product, right? How much is the highest price of the products you are promoting? Is this for one site only? How many pages do you have for the site and what is the rank of your primary keyword.
    I know these are lots of questions but I would greatly appreciate it if you could find time answering them. Thanks much!

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